In the mountains there is a place for everybody… find your off-road experience!

Club “OFFROAD PLOVDIV”, together with the voluntary formation “PLOVDIV-112” organize an international off-road fest PLOVDIV OFFROAD FEST, which will take place from October 5 to 7, 2018, in the area POLIGONA, below the monastery “St. St. Cosma and Damyan” in the Rodopi Mountains, above the town of Kuklen (7 km from the town of Plovdiv).

With this fest we aim to unite people with different interests in the mountains – off-road with SUVs, ATVs and motorbikes, mounting biking, orienteering, camping, hunting and fishing, mountain trekking and marathons, rescue activities etc. Within the framework of the event, in addition to the off-road competition in the classes TROPHY, CROSS COUNTRY and ATV, we have planned: downhill course for bikes, sports orienteering competition for kids and adults, opportunities for off-road driving on a closed course with instructor and off-road ride, demonstrations and training in rescue activities for a broken down vehicle, first aid for traffic accidents, fun and useful games for young and old. Also included in the fest are test-drives of off-road vehicles, exhibits of off-road equipment and accessories, camping and mountain equipment and clothes, hunting and fishing gear. Catering is organized in several areas for food and drinks, logistics etc.

For the past 15 years the off-road clubs in the country have been fighting for public recognition and support of their activities, through establishing communities which respect a culture of driving off the roads. Very often through the years participants in these clubs have rendered free and invaluable aid to emergency and rescue services in cases of flooding (village of Biser, Kiten, Mizia etc.), forest fires (nature reserve Rilomanastirska gora, Kobilino branishte, Kuklen monastery St. St. Cosma and Damyan, Monastery St. Petka Muldavska, Kresna and many others), cut off from villages and towns due to buried roads and cut-off electric power supply (East and Central Rodopi Mountains, Smolyan, Pamporovo etc.). The aim of this event is to gather and unite people, who live with love and care for the mountains. To create an environment in which they cooperate in the development of all kinds of mountain tourism, consistent with environmental protection, creating rules for nature stays of each of them.

We expect around 450 competitors in the different events (off-road, biking and orienteering),  50 exhibitors and over 2000 visitors. The fest part of the event shall be spread over an area of around 50 daa, and the competition courses for the three days exceed 600 kilometers.

Admission for all visitors of the fest is free.