Brief information about the competition and accommodations:

The Competition shall be held in six classes:
(1) TROPHY T1 (Prototype)
(2) TROPHY T2 (Modified)
(3) CROSS COUNRY T1 (Standard)
(4) CROSS COUNRY T2 (Open)
(5) ATV
+ ADVENTURE – organized tour with catering, not for time!

All in class TROPHY drive on one course, as well as all in the classes CROSS COUNTRY, ATV и MOTO CROSS will drive on one and the same course. Class ADVENTURE drive on separate course.

With the exception of class ATV, MOTO CROSS and ADVENTURE … All will drive by ROADBOOK. The three classes mentioned above shall drive on a pre-recorded track, provided before the start for each competition day.


Participation Fees:
(1) for classes – TROPHY (T1 & T2) and CROSS COUNTRY (T1 & T2)

  • 65 EUR. – to be paid by 10.09.2018
  • 80 EUR. – to be paid by 01.10.2018
  • 105 EUR. – to be paid at the event.

(2) for classes – ATV & MOTO CROSS

  • 25 EUR. – to be paid by 10.09.2018
  • 35 EUR. – to be paid by 01.10.2018
  • 40 EUR. – to be paid at the event.

(3) for class – ADVENTURE (tour with guides)

  • 15 EUR. – to be paid by 10.09.2018
  • 20 EUR. – to be paid by 01.10.2018
  • 25 EUR. – to be paid at the event.

Registrations for participation and accommodations can be made only from HERE

Each enrolled participant, upon request, can receive accommodation at Eco Hotel Zdravets located 20 km from Plovdiv
This hotel offers double and triple rooms, as well as apartment accommodations…and is familiar to some of the participants from the previous editions of the competition.

Prices of accommodations at the HOTEL:
– Package price, including overnight stays on 05.10.2018 and 06.10.2018, breakfast meals and festive dinner for 70 EUR per person.
– Package price as above, which also includes an additional overnight stay with breakfast on 04.10.2018 for 90 EUR per person.
(for those who elect to arrive on Thursday, we have planned other pleasant surprises)
– Children under 12 accommodated with 2 or 3 adults + 25 EUR – for 2 overnight stays with breakfast/per child.

Accommodations at the Hotel shall be available to Competition Crews (driver+navigator), together with their families and supporting staff, so it is important for all who wish to be accommodated at the Hotel to specify the Competition team they belong to or to be enrolled as crew for class ADVENTURE (tour).

Payments may be made by bank transfer to the Club’s bank account at UNICREDIT BULBANK.


IBAN: BG45UNCR70001523186186

Account Holder: Club Offroad Plovdiv

Grounds: Trophy Plovdiv 2018

Upon registration every participant shall receive a confirmation by email, as well as a follow-up email upon received payment.

You can get additional information about registrations and accommodations in the following ways:
Atanas Dakov – 0898 575 345 /


Important for all who wish to participate or to receive accommodations!!!